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Genius and Genocide: A season of films about the Nazis on Channel 5


Coming to Channel 5 this winter are a series of brand new documentaries exploring different aspects of the most reviled regime in history – the Nazis.


Simon Raikes, Commissioning Editor Channel 5 said “These cracking films offer a dramatic new perspective on the regime by taking the viewer inside the minds of the Nazi leadership. What was their vision for the Everlasting Reich? And what did they do to try and achieve it? From the ludicrous quest to find their Aryan roots and harness the supernatural, through the chilling attempt to breed a racially “pure” new generation of Nazi children, to the brutal industrialisation of genocide in the death camps, this season will reveal the true horror of what the Nazis were planning – and unfold the absurd, mind-boggling, and incomprehensibly evil things they did in pursuit of their plans.”



Treblinka: Inside the Murder Factory (working title)

For seventy years a wooded site an hour and a half outside Warsaw has kept hidden one of the most appalling secrets of World War 2 - the true nature, scale and operation of Treblinka, one of Hitler’s most lethal extermination camps. Bulldozed in 1943 by the Nazis in an attempt to destroy all evidence of what had happened this film follows the work of British forensic archaeologist Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls as she pieces together the first definitive description of Treblinka 2.


Even today the location of the gas chambers, where over 870,000 Jews and Gypsies were murdered, is still not known for certain. Through her painstaking investigations over five years a forensically accurate picture of Treblinka has emerged and in this film we follow Dr Sturdy Colls as she returns to Treblinka to complete her work.


The Nazis claimed that Treblinka 2 was a railway transit camp through which the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto were transported before being moved further east, a carefully constructed lie that is repeated even today by Holocaust deniers. Dr Sturdy Colls’ work, in conjunction with the Museum authorities at Treblinka, is intended after 70 years to provide a conclusive account of what happened at Treblinka.


Director: Alex Nicolic-Dunlop

Head of Production: Cherry Dorrett

Executive Producers: Charles Furneaux and David Edgar

A Furneaux-Edgar Production with GroupM Entertainment

Executive Producers for GroupM Entertainment: Tony Moulsdale and Abigail Adams Production Executive for GroupM Entertainment: Clare Fleming



Nazi Quest for the Holy Grail (working title)

In April of 1945, just days after Hitler’s suicide, a small detachment of American troops discovered a vast cache of mysterious Nazi files hidden in a cave in Southern Germany. Contained in the documents was the key to unlocking one of the Nazis’ most shadowy projects: a hunt to discover a lost civilisation and the ancient knowledge it once possessed …


This is the story of the Nazis' quest to re-discover the lost Aryan race and retrieve their forgotten secrets – including the Holy Grail. Under the command of Heinrich Himmler, it was a project that launched archaeological expeditions to remote and mysterious sites all across the globe. But it’s also the story of the corruption of rational scientists and how their research was perverted and used as a deadly weapon against the enemies of the Reich. It begins with a search for the lost island of Atlantis and a quest to find the Holy Grail, and ends with one of the worst crimes of the Holocaust.


Producer / Director: Tom Barbor-Might

Executive Producer: Jago Lee

A NERD TV Production with GroupM Entertainment

Executive Producers for GroupM Entertainment – Tony Moulsdale and Abigail Adams Production Executive for GroupM Entertainment – Karen Bonnici



Hitler’s Children (working title)

For more than 60 years the Nazi scheme to create an Aryan “master race” which would rule the 1000 year Reich has been shrouded in mystery. Heinrich Himmler created the Lebensborn program, involving a network of secretive “birthing homes” to rear “racially-pure” babies – as well as kidnapping up to a quarter of a million Aryan-looking infants and children from occupied countries.


Hitler's Children exposes the brutal crimes committed in the name of 'pure blood' – including the murder of babies who were subsequently deemed 'sub-standard'. It also uncovers the terrible effects of the Lebensborn program still being felt today.


Producer-Director: Tim Tate

Executive Producers: Abigail Adams & Tony Moulsdale

Producer: Dr. Dorothee Schmitz-Koester

Produced by The Interesting Film Company Ltd with GroupM Entertainment

Executive Producers for GroupM Entertainment: Tony Moulsdale and Abigail Adams Production Executive for GroupM Entertainment – Clare Fleming



Seven Days That Made the Fuhrer

What does it take to make a dictator? No baby is born a despot so how did key moments in Hitler’s life shape him into the man he became?


In Seven Days That Made the Fuhrer turning points in the life of Adolf Hitler are forensically examined. The film explores how a handful of days shaped a twisted psychology and had dire consequences for the world.


The documentary will include interviews with leading historians, psychologists and psychiatrists who speculate on the impact of family events on Hitler’s later life, the effects of his time in prison and his personal prejudices that would be adopted by a nation.


Executive Producer: Owen Gay

Director, Camera & Film Editor: Alex Parkinson

An Icon Films Production with GroupM Entertainment

Executive Producers for GroupM Entertainment- Tony Moulsdale and Abigail Adams Production Executive for GroupM Entertainment – Clare Fleming



Hitler’s 9/11

Adolf Hitler's megalomania knew no limits: from the very outbreak of war, his strategists were forging plans to attack the USA. The most daring of these plans involved German fighter planes crashing into Manhattan's skyscrapers. Hitler understood the enormous symbolic power of Manhattan’s skyscrapers. He was convinced suicide bombing would have a devastating psychological impact on the US and with this plan, the National Socialist regime hoped to turn the tide of the war.


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