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Along with a number of brand new series and one off films Channel 5 announced today (Thursday August 22nd) that they have commissioned an original drama series – the first time the channel has produced home grown drama in eight years.


Ben Frow, Director of Programmes Channel 5 said “Along with our new drama we’ve got other new commissions that I think keep the channel fresh and exciting. Big Brother this year has performed better than ever before and these new shows – and the many more we are also working on add texture and diversity to the schedule and will play nicely alongside the rest of the schedule”




Evidence is a new procedural crime drama that will debut on Channel 5 in 2014 and sees Channel 5 returning to home grown drama for the first time in eight years.


Executive Produced by Paul Marquess (The Bill, Footballers’ Wives, Hollyoaks), and using filming techniques and a directorial approach usually associated with Factual programming and fly-on-the-wall documentaries, Evidence takes a new approach to drama both in the way it is created and executed.


Each self-contained episode follows ten very different cases - from the committing of the crime, through its investigation and then to the final conclusion - and centres around three core detectives whose professional and personal approach to the job of policing drives the series.


Ben Frow, Director of Programmes Channel 5 said “This is something new for the channel and we’re working with the people who really know this kind of programming. It’s part of my desire to broaden the channel and take calculated risks and I think it will sit comfortably alongside our popular factual programming and our glossy US Acquisitions.”


Donna Wiffen, Head of FremantleMedia’s Worldwide Drama division said: “We are delighted that Evidence has been acquired by Channel 5 in the UK and hope that this is the first of many such deals secured for FremantleMedia. Innovation is a big part of our strategy right now and we are confident that this unique drama format will have universal appeal and will attract further local commissions.”


Evidence has been developed by FremantleMedia’s Worldwide Drama division and is produced by Newman Street (part of FremantleMedia UK) for Channel 5.

TX Quarter 1 2014

Commissioned by Ben Frow, Director of Programmes Channel 5





In this new three-part documentary series we meet Britain’s most brazen petty criminals and people who know how to really work the welfare state. The characters are frank and unapologetic and their stories are often shocking and frequently absurd.




British people steal more from stores than anyone else in Europe - a staggering 1.3 billion pounds worth of goods are taken every year, with more than 11,000 shoplifting offences every single day. But some shoplifters are more prolific than others the woman who has been helping herself to whatever she fancied since she was 14 - and she’s not the only one. In parts of the country shoplifting is so common place that it’s considered ‘a job’. We meet the Brits who are ‘Shoplifters & Proud’.




Europe is in the grip of a pickpocketing epidemic. London is one of the worst affected and according to police figures the majority of those operating in the capital are thought to be Romanian Gypsies. In this episode we uncover the lives of shameless thieves who have one objective - to steal as much as they can, as often as they can.




The benefits system is always under scrutiny as 22 pence of every pound we pay in tax goes directly to pay for benefits - and that’s excluding the pension pot. In this programme we'll meet the people who make it their business NOT to work - like the woman who has eleven kids and would need to earn an estimated £66k a year to take home the amount she gets in benefits. She currently lives in two joined council houses but is in line for a brand new, custom built, six bed house, which made her headline news and gained her notoriety as one of Britain’s biggest benefit scroungers. Is she and other people like her to blame for the cost of the welfare state? On Benefits & Proud exposes the failings in both society and the system - through the lives of those who are using it to the full.


An in-house production by 5Production

TX Autumn 2013

Commissioned by Emma Westcott, Commissioning Editor Channel 5





As a nation we may be getting married later in life but BABY FACED BRIDES follows three teenage brides-to-be bucking the trend. We’ll meet 17-year-old teen mum Rebecca, so desperate to wed she’s moved her whole brood into the in-laws to save for her big day, 17-year-old Emmie who first said yes when proposed to aged 16 by boyfriend Ryan and finally 18-year-old Lauren – planning a lavish wedding with just her minimum wage salary. Getting married is a nerve racking time for any-one – but when you’re a hormonal teen then it’s a whole different ball game …


Crackit Productions/GroupM Entertainment

TX Quarter 1 2014

Commissioned by Emma Westcott, Commissioning Editor Channel 5





This series will lift the lid on Britain’s most obsessive compulsive behaviour - the people who just Can’t Stop … This is a nation where shop assistants have 200 pairs of unworn high heels in their wardrobes, respectable businessmen are addicted to stealing and full grown men have houses packed with toy collectables. In this series we meet these incredible individuals and every week focus on a new compulsion and obsession. People who Can’t Stop… stealing, Can’t Stop… having cosmetic surgery, Can’t Stop… shopping and Can’t Stop… collecting. Some love their obsessions – others feel that it has ruined their life. Why do they act the way they do and why exactly can’t they stop ?


Crackit Productions

Winter 2013

Commissioned by Jason Wells, Commissioning Editor Channel 5





This one off programme examines how England’s greatest spy, Sir Francis Walshingham, pioneered covert espionage techniques to foil a terror plot to murder Elizabeth I, leading to the execution of Mary Queen of Scots. Summer 1586 is England’s darkest hour. Elizabeth is living in fear of her life. A terrorist cell of Catholic extremists is planning to kill her and install the Queen of Scots on her throne. Behind the terrorists lies the might of Spain, whose forces are ready to invade if the plot succeeds. One man stands in their way; Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth’s spymaster and security chief. In a gripping day-by-day account of the action, using dramatized scenes and interviews with top historians, we’ll unfold the remarkable events across eight weeks in 1586, when the danger was at its height. 


Quickfire Media.

TX Spring 2014

Commissioned by Simon Raikes, Commissioning Editor Channel 5





In Caught On Camera, intrepid journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces across the country to reveal how CCTV and technological advances are recording more and more criminal activity. From petty street-crime to gangland murder we reveal the shocking footage and the real crimes that are Caught on Camera in the UK – by the public as well as the police – as well as exploring the devious tactics of pickpockets, shoplifters and con artists. The message of the series is simple: criminals beware, one way or another, you’re going to be Caught on Camera.


An in-house production by 5Production

TX Autumn 2013

Commissioned by Emma Westcott, Commissioning Editor Channel 5





In this brand new series serving police officer Will Davies and an undercover reformed ex-shop lifter team up to become The Store Detectives. Together they will expose how exactly professional shop lifters get away with what they do. At the same time they’ll visit stores that have suffered at the hands of thieves, helping the owners and managers devise ways of beating even the most devious and inventive crooks. Travelling around the UK, the Store Detectives will teach hopelessly vulnerable businesses how to defend themselves against people who are determined to steal. Our duo will let us in on all the tricks of their trade – how they spot, thwart and finally trap shoplifters.


An Optomen Television production

TX 2014 TBC

Commissioned by Ben Frow, Director of Programmes Channel 5





This series will uncover the nation's most eye-watering and absurd DIY disaster sto-ries from the plucky Brits who tried- and utterly failed- at DIY. Throughout the country, Britain's have a go handymen have tried it all- leaving a trail of holes in floors, walls stripped back to brick- and live electrical wires hanging from the ceiling. Long suffering spouses have stories of everything from microwaves glued to kitchen walls, burglar alarms wired into the light switch- and nails enthusi-astically hammered into water pipes... and they're ready to share them with the na-tion. This celebration of Britain's worst DIY'ers will also feature the funniest DIY video clips from around the world. We guarantee you'll never look at your toolbox in quite the same way again ….


An IWC Media production 5

TX Spring 2014

Commissioned by Greg Barnett, Commissioning Editor Channel 5

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