Whale Adventure With Nigel Marven

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Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven is an exciting new Channel 5 series which sees wildlife adventurer Nigel travelling over 5000 miles following grey whales as they undertake the longest mammal migration on Earth, up the Pacific coast of North America. Using sailboats, skiffs, kayaks and scuba gear, Nigel will get up close and personal with the whales and other creatures.

From the warm winter birthing lagoons of Mexico, a grey whale mother and her newborn calf must travel northwards to the summer feeding grounds of the Arctic. It’s a long and dangerous journey, through some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.
Up and down this coastline, Nigel meets whale-watchers and whale-worshippers, scientists and researchers - characters who share his love for these magnificent creatures. Also along the way, Nigel meets an array of critters. On land, he finds snakes, bears and eagles while alongside the grey whales swim a supporting cast of dolphins, sealions, humpbacks and orcas.

Presenter Nigel Marven said: “I’ll never forget looking into the eye of a newborn grey whale in a warm lagoon in Mexico. From here, the whales and I began an incredible journey along the Pacific coast to the icy Arctic Ocean. En route I was thrilled to meet acrobatic humpback whales, rare California condors, a vole that lives out its whole life thirty metres up in the trees, and orcas, the grey whales’ most deadly adversary. The story of the grey whales is truly awe-inspiring - my life and the lives of many people along the way have been touched by contact with these giant travellers.”

Andrew O’Connell, Head of Factual, News and Current Affairs at Channel 5 says: “Nigel has always been a popular face on the channel and it’s fantastic to have him back fronting this series. Viewers will be captivated by the journey of these magnificent mammals and Nigel’s adventures following their migration path.



Note to Editors:

Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven is an Image Impact production

Produced by Nigel Marven and directed by Tim Pritchard

The series will take the following format: 4 X 60 minutes. Transmission date: 2013

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E: julie.miller@five.tv

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