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June 10, 2009 (13:00)

Some new trailer news:


Air Force Afghanistan: uses 'Protection' by Massive Attack, featuring Tracey Thorn (of Everything But The Girl) on vocals


Rory And Paddy on FIVER: 'Where's Your Head At' by Basement Jaxx


CSI Sunday on FIVE USA (the turn up the lights/controlled environment one): It's 'Harlem Clavinette' by JJ Johnson and Bobby Womack, originally from the 'Accross 110th Street' soundtrack.


If there are any other trailers you would like the music details for, please e-mail us at While we do read the comments on the blog posts we don't always have the details to hand at the time and once we do get the details we don't then have the time to check through every blog comment to see who asked for it. However, by e-mailing us we can reply when we get the details.

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