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Singing, satellites and advert breaks

November 12, 2008 (20:54)


Welcome to our blog, which we’ll be posting once a week on these pages.  We hope to tell you about some of the issues that you the viewer have been contacting us about.

Trailer Music
As usual, there are a slew of trailer music requests; this week’s most popular being the Five US Thursday Movie one, we used ‘Time To Pretend’ by MGMT from their album ‘Oracular Spectacular’ for this one.  Other music you have been asking us about is the Dangerous Adventures For Boys one which uses a library track entitled ‘’Skunk’ which has been taken of an album entitled ‘Indie Rock’ and the CSI Trailers, which use the Mark Ronson Re-Version of Bob Dylan’s ‘Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)’ and ‘You Did It’ by Ann Robinson.

Late Night Sport
The Baseball World Series always causes a few issues with our late night scheduling, what with its best of seven games format and penchant for overrunning matches, however this year’s was not helped by a game being suspended mid way through for the first time ever. Apologies to the V8, NHRA, Ironman and A1 GP fans out there, we’re hoping to get all these rescheduled when we can. However, the end of the baseball season always sees the start of our NBA basketball and NHL hockey coverage (plus a doubling of the NFL games), so hopefully the American Sports fans out there won’t feel too bereft.

Advert Breaks
Another issue featuring highly in the inbox this week has been the introduction of an extra advert break during Home And Away and Neighbours on FIVER. We’ve changed the structure of the breaks (there’s no longer one in between the two programmes), and over the course of the evening we’re not showing any more adverts than we used to. However, the advertisers understandably want the spots in our most popular programmes. While Martin Lewis would be proud of us, we realise not everyone appreciates the change and we have been logging all your comments regarding the new break structure for the advert bods.

As with every week for a while now, we’ve also been getting a lot of folks ask about us broadcasting on Freesat. We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes with this and are able to confirm that we’ll be available on this platform from 18th November.

As always, if you have any comments, or queries about Five, drop us an e-mail at

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