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February 13, 2009 (15:00)

A brief summary of what we’ve been receiving in our mailbag this week…


Five USA:

Five US is getting a bit of a spring clean. The result is Five USA, which launches on Monday 16th. You won’t need to retune or anything, it’ll just be in your line up wherever Five US used to be. Launch night features the start of Series 7 of The Shield at 10pm. You should also look out for the new Patrick Swayze series The Beast (Wednesday at 10pm) and Series 2 of 30 Rock (Friday at 9 and 9:30). Patrick Swayze fans may also want to look out for a Barbara Walters interview with the great man on Tuesday night at 11pm.

And anyone in London on Monday may want to pop round to Oxford Street tube where we’ll be celebrating the launch with a bit of New York class!


Trailer music:

We get our fair share of music requests for trailers. Some are made in house so the details are relatively easy to come across; others are done externally so it can take a while longer to find out the name of that tune. This week we’ve mostly had people still asking about The Shield (Kings Of Leon, as mentioned last week), the new Five USA trailer (‘Welcome To The Jungle’ by Guns n’ Roses) and we also finally got details for our Fashionista Diaries trailers from last year, which used a track called ‘Fashion’ by Koolwah and Andi Fraggs.


Narrative repeats: People often miss our screenings and want to know if something will be shown again before the next episode. The programmes attracting the most queries of this ilk at the moment are:

The Shield: yes! On Five USA on Thursday night/Friday morning. (From Episode 2 onwards there will also be a chance to catch up on Tuesday nights, also on Five USA)

CSI: Both CSI: Vegas and CSI: New York are repeated on Five USA at 9pm the evening after they are first broadcast.

Minder: Saturday evening about 7pm on Five, and Sunday at 9pm on FIVER

Ice Road Truckers: Sunday evenings on Five, normally at 8pm

Fifth Gear: Saturdays on Five, normally about 11am.

NCIS: there is a narrative repeat of this on Five, but the evenings do vary between Saturdays and Tuesdays. Best to check on for up to date scheduling.


It’s also worth checking out Demand Five, as most of these shows are available there too.


The Shield:

For now, we are only screening Series 7 on Five USA. We do hold the rights to screen it on the main channel too, and may do so in the future. However, there are no plans at present.


As always, if you have a question, comment or complaint about anything you’ve seen on Five, FIVER or Five US please drop us a line at

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